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Desk Of: Coach Becky Wittenburg

Dear Friend,

After years of playing  at the high school, college, and rec league level, I traded in my home runs for high fives and began coaching the local high school's softball team.  Soon after my coaching career began, I found myself  bombarded with questions from fellow coaches.  They'd catch a quick glance at my unique practices and want to learn more. 

Soon, I began running clinics for local coaches, sharing my favorite drills, practice plans and plays that I'd picked up during my 15+ years as a player. 

Simply put- I know what works and what doesn't.

During one of my seminars, a friend encouraged me to write a book detailing out a season's worth of practice plans so that he "wouldn't have to think" in his volunteer coaching position for his daughter's  team.  

I liked the idea.    

After a year in the making,  "Softball Drills and Practice Plans" is now available exclusively on the Internet.  

This limited time offer contains:

20 "Clipboard Ready" Practice Plans
Printable and Ready for Instant Use!

While I can't promise that you won't have to think, I can promise that my Softball Practice Plans will take the stress out of your coaching job. 

I've done it all, you just show up:
  20 Ready-made minute-by-minute coaching practice plans, customizable for the novice, intermediate, or expert coach.  I design the practice... you focus on your team's individual needs!
50+ EFFECTIVE drills explained with step by step instructions.  I GUARANTEE you will find one you didn't know.
   Develop a team full of Gold Gloves, with 16 all-new Fielding Drills, including:
  • Hit the Relay
  • Pepper (for Fielding)
  • Lead Runner Drill

Get out of the practice rut!  Players like variety.  There is life after laps around the outfield .

  Give your kids a headstart over the competition with a dozen drills designed just for "future stars"! Help young players learn the FUNdamentals with drills like:
  • The Alligator Drill
  • Learn the Bases
  • Scoop Drill
Stand out from other coaches.  Your professionalism persona will skyrocket (even if this is all new to you!).
   Coaching Tips for each drill to meet the individual needs of your players.
   Jam-packed with drills to teach your girls the finer points of Baserunning, including:
  • Quick Jump Drill
  • Double Play Breakup
  • Crack of the Bat Drill
 Your team will hit .500 when they master the techniques in:
  • The Balloon Drill
  • Pull Hitting Drill
  • Hold Your Shirt Drill
  Printable practice plans- clipboard ready.  All the fun of coaching, without the hassle.
How to avoid the rookie mistakes that all new coaches make. Don't embarass yourself by making these blunders!
Impress the most experienced baseball parents with your new knowledge of the game.
Innovative, fun drills that will actually have your girls looking forward to practice (here's a hint- one of them uses milk jugs, and another uses balloons!)
How to teach young players basic throwing mechanics
Situational fielding drills - teach your girls when to throw to 1st, 2nd, 3rd or home under every circumstance
Fellow coaches will scratch their heads in amazement as your team rises up the ranks
How to turn the playground game "freeze tag" into an exciting fielding drill for young players
Your shelves will sag with the boxes of medals and trophies you'll accumulate
Chock full of tips and strategies to master the art of bunting
Uncover the best techniques for teaching hitting technique (stance, swing, and follow-through)
Even umpires and school officials will worship the ground you walk on

Here's what other coaches are saying:

I have been coaching baseball and now softball for a number of years and I feel I was pretty organized for practices and games. After purchasing the Softball Drills and Practice plans I decided to post a practice plan in the dugout for each practice. Now the girls really look forward to seeing what's on tap for the days practice. I have found that it helps me stay more focused and disciplined also. I usually walk away from practice with the feeling of accomplishment. Before, there were times when I felt we just did not have enough time to complete the drills I had in store for the team.

Coach Cragan
Concord, NC

I have been coaching Softball for 14 years at the High School Level and always look for ways to involve my middle school coaches to keep them learning new skills and drills - Becky just want you to know how helpful your book has been!

Coach Perry
NRHS Bears - Bristol, NH

This is my first time ever coaching softball. I am coaching at the majors level ( 9 to 13 year olds). Even though I have played both softball and baseball for several years (some years at a professional level), it's a hard job. Your softball drills and practice plan have helped me a great deal in knowing how to go about training my girls. Without your guide and materials, I don't know how I could have done it. I would recommend it to anyone who plans to coach either softball and baseball at any level. Thank you.

Cynthia Tucker
Long Beach, California

I used your "coaching drills and plans" with our 12U travel team this year and it helped me out tremendously. I look forward to updates before next year's spring session with the 14U's. Thanks Becky, it's great stuff! 

12U Hornets
Donna A.

Little Falls, NJ 

As a HS softball coach, I am constantly looking for ways to better my players and team. The materials I have received have been user friendly from basic istruction to advanced drills. They seem to be well through out by someone who knows the game, but more importantly knows how to teach it to younger players.

Vanous Brown
Franklin, KY

Though this was my first year helping as an assistant coach with my daughters 10 & under fastpitch softball team, I found your materials helpful for me. I ordered your materials, downloaded it, printed it, placed it in my coaches notebook and then showed it to the other coaches on our team, they were impressed by the information. All of them wrote down the internet address and have either purchased their own or plan to do so. Thanks and please keep up the helpful work!

Patrick McDonald
Bryans Road, Maryland, USA

Although I have been coaching softball for 12 years I was looking for some new and exciting drills to bring to my high school team. I found some great drills that kept my team interested and competitive during those long practices.

Worcester, Ma.

I played fastpitch softball for years and knew the game, but this year was my first coaching experience. Your resources helped me to be more confident and to organize more efficient practices. Our 10-12 yr olds have come a long way this year! Thanks for breaking it down for us newbie coaches!!!!

Christine Calkins
Dalton, NY.

This is my first year coaching fastpitch, not to mention the first time I've worked with girls. The drills and practice plans have been a lifesaver. The girls love them because of the various things we do so they aren't getting bored. I have two grown boys and this experience has been an eye opener for both the team and myself. I am looking forward to using the more advanced drills soon. Thanks for your help. Dave Howard Head Coach Brookings High School Girl's Fastpitch

Dave Howard
Brookings, SD

I have coached my daughters team since she was in t-ball and this year I felt that I needed to know a little more on coaching. So I purchased the Coaching Guide and it has helped me with many new drills and have kept the girls eager to learn. I think that they have a great time at each practice, because we always have something new to do. Thank you so much for your help.

Follett, TX

Trying to keep practices fun and interesting can be a challenge. The drills offered by Becky are a refreshing change, and a new way to approach each practice! The girls stay motivated, and most importantly enjoy the change up in practices!

Jim Heath
Cody, Wyoming

"I have recently bought this guide and I am amazed at how many drills that my girls can use during practices. We are in the middle of our season so there hasn't been time to get started on the drills but I know the girls will be excited to do something different than the same old drills that we have been doing. I look forward to using these drills and practice plans." 

Di Apato
Oak Lawn, IL

Your Practice Plans and Drills helped me tremendously. I went from playing at higher levels to coaching under 8 players and making the transition was difficult until I received your information. Thanks from me and my players.
Larry Kiec
Aliquippa, PA

Now that I have the drills and practice material, my girls actually want to come to practice. They even get mad when it's over. The plans are great for all ages.

Jeffery F.
Chandler Diamonds

I was in a real rut when I found your website one night searching for ideas to liven up my practices. Now the girls and I all look foward to practice and we are much more competitive thanks to your help.

Martin Morris
Clinton Burritos

As a busy mom of four it is tough to spend alot of time planning practice so my kids stay interested and challenged - with your Drills and Practice Plans I am so much more organized! Thanks for being the assistant coach I need!

Robyn Eckerman - Blue Ridge Hurricanes
Warrensville, NC

You'll have a virtual encyclopedia of Softball  know-how that is designed specifically for coaches.  And its organized into fully searchable chapters, so you'll actually use it over and over.

And what's really exciting is that

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•    A fresh approach on the value of Attitude, Coachability, Athleticism, and Potential.  How to decide the                           importance of these factors when selecting your team

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With my "No-Hassle" guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to risk... and everything to gain!  

I know you'll be overjoyed with "Softball Drills & Practice Plans".  And I know you'll be thrilled when the wins start rolling in.

Wishing you success in the years to come.

Good Practicing,

Becky Wittenburg


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